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Chicago Jewelers Association Crime Alert Network

Have you or someone you know been the victim of a crime? Has someone tried to run a scam on you? If so, please contact the Chicago Jewelers Association Crime Alert Network. We will send out an alert so that we help maintain a safe environment for the jewelry community. If one jeweler is being preyed upon it is likely that others are going to fall victim to the same perpetrators. We need to maintain a collective shield of information to the community to help make it a safer environment to work in. To be successful we need to share information and let everyone know.

Crime Alert News: FLASH! What: A white male approximately 35 years old with dark skin and a goatee attempted to sell fake gold bangle bracelets to area jewelers and pawn shops. The seller presents an Oklahoma driver's license in the name of Sam Harris and arrives and departs the stores in a taxi. Where: Jewelry store on the near south side of Chicago. Description: The bangles are of a design that looks like a slinky toy or snake bracelet with one continuous piece of metal that wraps around the wrist 4 or 5 times. Please be careful to test the goods before buying them.

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