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A Thank You Letter from Recipient Victor Cueto

Dear Veronica Cardenas: 

Hello hope all is well wi th you and the Jewler's association. I am doing great and ready to take  on this new semester. I am doing great and very proud of  how far  I've come along. Thanks to you and the scholarship I am able to pursue my dreams at  UIC. 

This past fall semester has been my best semester so far at  UIC. I took five classes 4 engineering  classes and 1latino studies class. It's the first  t ime I took that  many classes and I excelled. I ended the  semester of  four  A's and only one B;  my GPA is finally above a 3.0 which I'm very proud of .  I'm very  proud that  all of  my hard work paid off at the end. I spent countless hours at  school studying but  it  was  all wor th it. I have also been active wi th the Society for  Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). They  have helped me in classes and just  relieve stress during the seme_ster. I am currently the Co-Chair for  the  junior  chapters we have. We  have two chapters at  local high schools, we help get the students get  motivated about  getting a higher education preferably in the STEM field, It's really great knowing I'm  helping someone else succeed. Currently we are working wi th my old high school Benito Juarez high  school and Roosevelt high school. They are great students and are very motivated to attend college.  This semester is again going to be very busy. I am taking five engineering classes and hope to do  just  as good as last semester.  I will continue working wi th the SHPE-Jr chapters. I will also take part of the robotics team that  SHPE  has, that  is always very fun and challenging. A side from that  I am still working to help pay for  school. I have got ten a few scholarships to help ease the financial burden.  I am excited and ready for  this semester and I know that  with hard work I will be able to succeed. 


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From CJA President, Larry Hyman

It has been a remarkable winter thus far due to the mild weather and the increase in activity in the Jewelry Industry. It would seem that the industry is still slow to come back to pre-recession levels however, there seems to be an uptick in activity.
There is much to report to our members. The United States Post Office Sub-Station at 5 S. Wabash is going to remain open. They have signed a new 5 year lease with Spectrum Properties, the owner of the building. If you have been following the news reports regarding the financial health of the Post Office, you know that they are closing a great many postal facilities across the country. A meeting organized by Jay Richmond, who was intent on finding a way to keep the station open, was held at City Hall with the help of Alderman Reilly and United States Senator Dick Durbin. The attendees included representatives of the Chicago Police Department, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, Senator Dick Durbin, Alderman Reilly, Spectrum Properties, Inc., the Chicago Jewelers Association and the United States Post Office. The goal was to have the Postal Sub-Station remain open in order to protect the Jewelers in the Wabash Ave district.
We want to thank Karen Schenck, District Manager of the USPS and Don Nichols, Manager Post Office Operations in Chicago who heard our concerns and went to bat for us and pleaded our case to Washington and were successful. I would also like to thank Jay Richmond whose grave concern for the safety of the jewelers helped to drive this effort forward.
We have a new Chicago Police Department liaison. Sgt. Seamus Mannion of the First Police District has taken over the position replacing Sgt. Matt Giliberto who has retired. Sgt Giliberto has been wonderful to the Association and its members. Always ready to respond when there was a problem and always willing to dispense advice when needed. We wish him well in retirement.
The US Postal Service sales representative for the jewelry industry has changed as well with the retirement of Tim Hall. Tim worked tirelessly to help jewelers get onto the various programs to be able to print labels and get discounts. His replacement is George Marshall, a veteran of the postal service. We wish Tim well with his retirement.
The Chicago Jewelers Association Scholarship Program is doing well. Last year we awarded 5 scholarships to good students without the financial means to pursue their educations. While the scholarships are not large they are awarded for 4 years as long as the students can show they are full time and earning acceptable grade point averages. There is a letter from one such student elsewhere in this newsletter. Please take a few minutes to read it.
In recent months there have been questions raised about the buying of gold and the required record keeping and holding period. Attached there is a copy of the Municipal Code of the City of Chicago Chapter 4-264 Secondhand Dealers. It requires that anyone buying goods must have a license (Second Hand Dealer) and if they are required to have such a license do specific record keeping and they must heed they holding period of 30 Days before disposing of the goods:
4-264-070 (a) (1) No person requiring a license under this chapter shall sell, dispose of, or remove from the place of business any article of secondhand property for 30 calendar days after the receipt of such article of secondhand property or take apart or melt any article of secondhand property or remodel or rebuild the same until such person shall have made a record of his intention to do so. Such record shall contain a description of such article of secondhand property and all other data required under this chapter to be recorded in the secondhand dealer’s record of purchases, sales and exchanges.
Please click here to see the entire act for all of its provisions.
The Chicago Jewelers Associations Joint Holiday Party was an unqualified success on several levels. The party was held at Wildfire on December 5th. It was a sellout with all 125 available places sold. As in past years we had a drawing for various donated gifts (restaurant certificates, bottles of wine, etc.). This year we asked the attendees to bring a toy or game which was to be donated to Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago for the kids in need. Many of the kid’s parents are out of work or bogged down with medical expenses and these gifts created a lot of smiles. I am happy to report that we had a vanload of toys to deliver to the hospital. The hospital was thrilled and thanked us many times over for the generosity of the jewelers of Chicago.
I want to thank Gary Dolinko of Mid-States Refining for the outstanding job he did in chairing the event and overseeing the gathering and delivery of the toys. He created a lot of smiling faces. And I would like to thank Jeff Cohen and Denise Hartman of N. Green and Son for agreeing to accept toys for drop off at their office.
I also want to thank the Sponsors who helped to make the evening as wonderful and pleasant as it could be. The Women’s Jewelers Association, Mid-States Recycling, G4S, Howard Frum Jewelers, Millennium Garages, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, Sentry Security, N. Green and Son and the GIA Alumni Association. Also, a very big Thank You to Jeff Cohen of N. Green and Son for buying everyone their first drink. Jeff thought it was only a rumor that he was buying!
One other note from the party is that Bunny Frum surprised Howard with a birthday cake big enough for the whole party. He was really surprised!
Looking ahead we have the 2012 Smart Show April 21st-23rd. As in past years we are having a PARTY. It will be held on Saturday night the 21st at Harry Caray’s Tavern on Navy Pier. Come and decompress after a day on your feet with a buffet and open bar. Last year’s event was a sellout. Do not wait till the last minute to get your reservation in. Go online to the Chicago Jewelers Association website and pay via in order to make a reservation. The cost is $50.00 per person including Hors D’oeuvres and Drinks.
Charles P. Stein recently contacted the Association because his grandfather, George M. Stein, was a member of the Chicago Jewelers Association for many years. His grandfather told him that at each annual meeting, each member received a token gift along the jewelry line. The first gift, he gave to Mr. Stein’s father, the last in 1936, a Shaffer’s pen and pencil set in a black gold fabric lined case was given to him as high school graduation gift. The pen and pencil are inscribed “C.J.A. 1936”. Mr. Stein was kind enough to send the set to us for our memorabilia collection.

Please watch for more information on upcoming events that will be coming your way.
Laurence E. Hyman



Donate big and win big with this great opportunity

The Chicago Antique Jewelry & Watch Show, brought to you by George Little Management, has procured a Rolex Submariner watch to be raffled off by the CJA and CAJW at both the Smart Jewelry Show and the CJAW Show.  All proceeds from these raffles will go towards the CJA College Scholarship.  As the date draws near, we will have more info, but it is guaranteed to make your mouth water.  Be sure to get in on this great philanthropic opportunity!



Thank you to all who attended this great event, and be sure not to miss this year's

The CJA is thrilled to recap this sold-out event.  We celebrated Howard Frum's birthday, gave big to Children's Memorial Hospital, and had a great time as a community.  Thank you to sponsors and attendees for your support, and enjoy the pictures!



Join the CJA at this great event

Be sure to Join us at the SMART Show this April at booth T-10 where you can mingle with other members, partake in our raffle for a Rolex Submariner watch (all proceeds go to the CJA Scholarship fund) and take a load off while enjoying the Show.  Also, join us for our SMART Show reception at Harry Caray's on Saturday, April 21st, and take advantage of CJA membership perks by booking your stay at the University Club (all CJA membership are eligible for discounted rates).  It's a major weekend for the community here in Chicago, and we hope to see you there!